“an essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail”. - Edwin Lund

My work is the place where I have fun. I paint strong yet sensitive women both provocative and quirky. I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me, from nature and emotion to simple fragments of my everyday life.

"Painting and illustrating has always played a significant role - it's my medium of communication and it forces me to observe and absorb everything that is interesting. It keeps me moving forward with a sense of freedom in this omnivorous cultural whirlwind where visual stimuli often engulfs us.  Through my work I explore form and I try and evoke emotions of kindness, strength, compassion and passion - these are traits which help define beauty in all women."

Victoria studied Fine Art at The University of Cape Town as well as Art Direction and Graphic design at the Red & Yellow School graduating top of her class. 

Victoria's work has been featured in British Vogue and The World of Interiors. She was named 1 of 20 reasons to visit South Africa by Wallpaper Magazine.  

Artwork and commissioned paintings can be seen in local and international homes and her girls remain surreal, dreamy, fiercely optimistic and enthusiastic.